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Ponds and wetlands Benefits Organisation Experiences


Find the wetlands

Here you will find a map with facts about the accomplished ponds and wetlands within the Kävlingeå River Project.




Some of the overall experiences gained through the Kävlingeå River Project have been that

  • cooperation agreements between concerned municipalities within the catchment area is an effective approach to working with water management measure programmes,
  • a stable organisation with access to basic financing is an excellent platform for applying for and obtaining external funding,
  • landowners and cultivators are central participants where water management measures are concerned and that favourable (e.g. economical) conditions for these actors are crucial for the success of the project,
  • it is of utmost importance that every participant involved in the project has an essentially positive attitude towards it. A well functioning cooperation between all actors, including landowners and the authorities, is one of the most important factors for a successful result,
  • it is possible to run water management measure programmes solely based on voluntary participation,
  • due to modern land use and infrastructure, ponds and wetlands can rarely be restored in their original locations, nor to their original size,
  • recreating ponds and wetlands in agricultural areas still appears to be a cost-effective method of water management and nature conservation, not least because wetlands yield several simultaneous ecosystem services.





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